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Feb 13, 2013

22 NSFW Nerds Going Nuts Over Olympics Dropping Wrestling

Listen, we’re not going to sit here and pretend it’s not a big deal that the IOC decided to cut...

Aug 10, 2012

21 Best NSFW Black Guys Reacting To Day 13 Of The Olympics

As the Olympics wind down, don't expect black guys enthusiasm to dwindle. They are equally as pumped about the BMX events as they are about ping pong so there is still plenty of material floating around. They were as suprised as we were to see BMX bros wiping out in the Olympics. Some even had aspirations to get on a bike and head to Rio for the 2016 games. However, there was one sad Olympic story involving a bike theft in the 'hood. JUMP!

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Aug 9, 2012

21 NSFW Black Dude Reactions To Day 12 Of The Olympics

Day 12 of the Olympics had a few monumental events according the Twitter, but none bigger than U.S. track star Aries Merritt winning gold in the 110-meter hurdles. For whatever reason there was a lot of hate being thrown towards Merritt. Some people calling him gay, some calling out his braids and some making fun of his contact lenses. Whatever it was, this bro was hard-pressed to find support even though he won gold. JUMP!

Aug 8, 2012

23 Best NSFW Black Guy Twitter Reactions To Day 11 Of Olympics

What happened at the Olympics on Day 11 that p*ssed off black guys on Twitter? Oh, plenty. There wasn't a singular theme, but there were plenty of creepy dudes tweeting about the gymnastics girls...most of which are under the age of 18. The best part of Day 11 was that some black guys began calling out the NBC commentary. About time! We've been saying it for over a week, you guys should be doing the play-by-play! JUMP!

Aug 7, 2012

21 Best NSFW Black Guy Twitter Reactions To Day 10 Of The Olympics

You know who is giving us a new perspective on the Olympics? Black guys on Twitter. Like clockwork, every day, they come out of the woodwork and spit knowledge on any and every sport of the London games. Today, a lot of time and effort went into ripping crying Olympians and the legless track star, Oscar Pistorius. Oh and one guy gets pissed at his dad for spoiling Gabby Douglas' results!JUMP!

Aug 3, 2012

21 Best NSFW Black Guy Twitter Reactions To Day 6 Of Olympics

Another day, another round of amazing black guy Twitter reactions. Day six was a big one in London, where we all saw American Gabby Douglas win gold in both the individual competitions, the first black chick to do so. Sure that was the big ticket event, but there was plenty more action for Twitter to tackle. Ping pong, swimming and more are discussed by our unknowing contributors and they are discussed in epic, NSFW fashion. JUMP!

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Aug 2, 2012

25 Best NSFW Black Guy Twitter Reactions To Day 5 Of The Olympics

The Olympics bring out the most patriotic, curious and excited feelings from black guys on Twitter. These guys provide so much entertainment with their insights and opinions on the Olympics, giving us a unique look at the games that we don't see from the snooze-fest NBC provides. Last night they went off on a gymnast that looks like Drake, Michael Phelps and one got pissed at his girlfriend for putting on HGTV instead of the Olympics! JUMP!