Oklahoma State Cheerleaders

Jan 26, 2016

Meet Oklahoma State Cheerleader Bailee

It hasn’t been a great month for Oklahoma State athletics. They were romped by Ole Miss at the Peach Bowl,...

Apr 13, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Big 12: Oklahoma State Dancer Mia [PHOTOS]

Remember those Oklahoma State dancers/cheerleaders in bikinis on the ski slopes that tore apart the Internet a couple months ago? Yeah, well we hired the guy responsible for discovering those photos and Asher is back with more classics from OSU dancer Mia. Yes, she has some Asian blood in her. Yes, there are also beach bikini shots to peruse. Who knew the craziest cheerleaders outside of Eugene would be in Stillwater. Guns up! JUMP!

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Dec 22, 2011

Oklahoma State Cheerleader Bikini Ski Slope Action

So our cheerleader correspondent, Asher from College Cheerleader Heaven, sent an email at 10:45 EST: Just a few Oklahoma State cheerleaders on a ski trip deciding to rock their bikinis on the slopes. Those are words from a God. This guy has intel on cheerleaders that you can't imagine. Dude has so many Facebook contacts that we're actually thinking of hiring him before SB Nation gets another influx of cash. Go hit the slopes with OSU. There are hugging pics you need to see.

Sep 13, 2011

Looking For Oklahoma State Cheerleaders In Bikinis On A Boat? [PHOTOS]

Our buddy, and cheerleader extraordinaire, Asher sent word today that he'd cracked the Oklahoma St. cheerleader photo vault & was ready to unload the first batch of Cowgirls. There's a new trend in collegiate cheerleading - the quasi-cheerleading bikini photo shoot. It's not a bikini calendar, but the cheerleaders eventually plaster their Facebooks with the bikini shots. Oregon cheerleaders did it last year, but never gave us an Asses & Guns Up pose like Okie State. JUMP!