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Dec 5, 2014

Dan Vollmayer’s Delayed Blitz – Episode 5

    Well, well, well…look who is back after taking an extended Thanksgiving break. It’s Dan Vollmayer, the guy who...

Nov 25, 2014

Buy David Akers’ 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra — Only 5,432 Miles!

  David Akers’ NFL career is over so it seems to make sense that now is the time to dump...

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Nov 18, 2014

Angry Redskins Fan is ‘Done,’ Burns All of His Merchandise

Steve Taylor has been a diehard Washington Redskins fan for his entire life—that changed on Sunday after the team’s 27-7...

Nov 17, 2014

The Best Of NFL Fans From NFL Week 11

Believe it or not, there are only six weeks left in the NFL season as Week 11 concludes tonight with...

Nov 14, 2014

Woman Takes Dolphins Tailgate Next Level, Works Stripper Pole [VIDEO]

The Miami Dolphins defeated the Buffalo Bills 22-9 on Thursday night, but the real action was off the field. We...

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Nov 13, 2014

Delayed Blitz – Episode 4: Sports Hair Trouble [VIDEO]

  Dan Vollmayer is back with another episode of Delayed Blitz, his nearly-weekly NFL bit where he analyzes the league...

Falcons Fan Works Stripper Pole Before Buccaneers Game

  What’s an Atlanta Falcons tailgate without a stripper pole? Just another ordinary tailgate where guys sit around drinking beer,...

Nov 12, 2014

Illegal Touching On #69

    I’m pretty sure that’s a penalty on Khalif Barnes. What are the odds we would get an “illegal...

Nov 10, 2014

Emailer: NFL Hall of Famer Broke Up With Me Via Text

  I received the following email at about 3:00 a.m. Monday morning: Y’all have covered [NFL Hall of Famer] and...

Nov 4, 2014

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Oct 24, 2014

Episode 3 Of Dan Vollmayer’s Delayed Blitz

  This episode of Delayed Blitz from Dan Vollmayer pretty much has it all: Kyle Orton, casting the movie Gone...

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Oct 22, 2014

Buy A Bengals Party Bus — $25,000 Buy It Now

Here’s my favorite Bengals joke. “What’s the difference between Andy Dalton and a dollar bill? You get 4 quarters from...

Oct 21, 2014

NFL Cheerleaders Of Week 7

  This was bound to happen. The Cowboys cheerleaders have taken back the #1 spot in our NFL Cheerleader Power...

Oct 20, 2014

Some White Guy At The Saints-Lions Game With A Pick In His Hair

  And here I thought it was just black dudes who went with the pick in the hair look. When...

Oct 13, 2014

NFL Cheerleaders of Week 6

  Annnnnnnd….the weather has changed. We went from NFL cheerleaders doing their thing in shorts and boots to covered up...

Sep 30, 2014

Week 2 Of Dan Vollmayer’s Delayed Blitz Includes Horse Shit On DeSean Jackson’s Jersey

  Dan is back for his second episode of Delayed Blitz and figured out a way to work in a...

Sep 23, 2014

Players From Purdue Make The Highest Average NFL Salaries & Other Interesting Data

The Chargers Twitter account tweeted a nifty, humble brag-esque stat last week. Did you know that CA is the state...

Sep 23, 2014

Dan Vollmayer’s Delayed Blitz – Episode One

  You might’ve seen this Dan Vollmayer guy making his Busted Coverage debut a couple weeks ago. Dan contacted me...