NFL Rookie Hazing

Jul 23, 2013

Miami Dolphins Rookie Hazing 2013

Let the NFL rookie hazing begin. 29-year-old Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks (@starks94) is entering his 9th NFL...

Aug 16, 2012

NFL Rookie Hazing Week: Panthers’ WR Brenton Bersin’s Jeep Plastic Wrapped [PHOTOS]

This wrapping of Panthers rookie Brenton Bersin's Jeep happened late last week but this hazing deserves the Internet's attention because you guys totally LOL over these pranks. Of course you've seen other rookies have their cars plastic wrapped. But long snapper JJ Jansen had an added surprise for Bersin (undrafted out of Wofford). How about the car being filled with shipping popcorn. JUMP!

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Aug 15, 2012

NFL Rookie Hazing: Giants Tape Up Rueben Randle, Throw WR In Ice Pool

Rueben Randle left LSU after his junior season for the 2012 NFL draft. He gets passed over in the 1st round but is eventually plucked in the 2nd by the Super Bowl champion Giants. Seems like a perfect scenario. Rueben has to figure this isn't the Bengals, Raiders or Dolphins so things should go smoothly. And then rookie hazing day comes along. Guess who's going for an ice bath swim. JUMP!

Aug 11, 2011

Raiders Rookies Get Haircuts; Mason Brodine’s Hair Shines! [Photos]

Mason Brodine is an undrafted free agent from the University of Nebraska-Kearney. He's fresh out of college, never played on ESPN or in a bowl game. He doesn't even really have a player profile page on The guy wasn't even allowed at the University of Nebraska Pro Day. Seriously, not allowed to show his skills at the state funded institution. But here he is today on BC showing off his rookie hazing haircut. JUMP!

Aug 6, 2010

NFL Rookie Hazing: 5-Foot-5 Houston Texans Rookie Trindon Holliday Gets Pink Tricycle

More NFL rookie hazing? We’re only giving our readers more of what they are searching for. BC is seeing an...