Nevada Wolfpack

Sep 8, 2013

Nevada Fan Kicks The Shit Out Of Nevada Fan…During Game

If you know anything about football games at Nevada-Reno, you know that ass kickings are a regular occurence, especially when...

Dec 24, 2011

Mini-Brawl At Sheraton Hawaii Bowl [Video]

It was the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl which at first was a lackluster game until something awesome happen. A Wide Receiver and a Cornerback starting going at it and before you could realize what was happening the entire end zone was filled with players in each other faces. Punches were thrown by the Southern Mississippi Eagles and the Nevada Wolfpack. Merry Christmas y'all. Video after the JUMP!

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Dec 24, 2011

The Southern Miss Fans That Made The Trip To Hawaii Were Uh… Husky [Photos]

So Aloha Stadium was pretty much empty for this game against the Nevada Wolfpack and the Sourthern Mississippi Eagles. That didn't stop the crowd from having some signs that made absolutely no sense, cheerleaders, and announcers in God awful Hawaiian shirts. If anyone can figure out what the hell this sign says, please let me know. JUMP!