nba finals 2012

Jun 20, 2012

12 Dumbest Glasses Worn By Dwyane Wade In The NBA Playoffs

If you haven't seen Dwyane Wade's glasses from last night's presser, well you're looking at 'em. Sad thing is, we used to really like Wade. However, his douche level is off the charts. These new glasses are entering into territory we haven't seen before with Wade. Flip downs? Are you serious? JUMP

Jun 20, 2012

27 NSFW James Harden Is The Scapegoat Of NBA Finals Game 4 Tweets

With every NBA Finals game there seems to be somebody who sticks out as the scapegoat. After watching game 4 and scanning Twitter, it became pretty clear James Harden is the latest. His 9 points on 2-10 shooting just isn't going to cut it if the Thunder have any chance of winning. Twitter, hateful as usual, let loose on the bearded baller. People are calling for him to pass, to shoot, to shave his beard and calling out issues with his love interest. Who is she, you ask? JUMP!

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Jun 19, 2012

NBA Finals Porn Star War: Bloated Miami Hoochie Says OKC Fans “Are Ugly”

When it comes to the NBA Finals, it seems there's always a story that is greater than the game itself. Had enough of the fabricated LeBron drama? More interested in a OKC/MIami porn star war? Of course you are. A Miami hoochie decided to up the ante last night during Game 2 by calling OKC fans ugly. Will this lead to a Twitter strip-off during Game 3? Will OKC superfans Bibi Jones & Jesse Jane be sucked into these childish games from Heat Nation? One can only hope. JUMP!

Jun 13, 2012

22 Best NSFW LeBron/Wade/Pat Riley Post-Game One F-Bomb Tweets

Any time the Heat take the floor you know that the hate is going to be in full force. During last night's Game One, and in the hours that followed, some serious haters took to Twitter to let their often ignorant voices be heard. The f-bombs were everywhere, with people firing on all cylinders at LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Pat Riley and anyone else associated with the Heat. JUMP!