Milan Lucic Girlfriend

Jul 17, 2012

Milan Lucic’s Girlfriend Brittany Carnegie Hits Lottery, Now Engaged [PHOTOS]

Milan Lucic's girlfriend Brittany Carnegie became a rich woman over the weekend. Lucic made $4,000,000 last year as the Bruins' LW and will cash another $4.25M in 2012-13. Those are numbers that get the attention of the puck bunnies looking to make marrying a hockey player a career. So, of course, Brit was going to show off her new ring on Twitter. JUMP!

Sep 7, 2011

Cops: Drunken Bruins’ Milan Lucic & His GF Brittany Carnegie In Spat

And here we thought Milan Lucic and his girlfriend Brittany Carnegie were the picture perfect NHL couple who could drink & fight together without causing too much of a raucous. Lucic was 30th in the NHL last season with 121 PIMs. Early Tuesday morning he nearly added to that total after Boston cops were called to handle a drunken Lucic and a girlfriend who says the two had a fight but the Cup champion didn't hit her. JUMP!

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Jun 16, 2011

Milan Lucic’s Girlfriend Is Brittany Carnegie [Photos]

Let's cut to the chase. Milan Lucic is going three-way with the Stanley Cup and girlfriend Brittany Carnegie. Mark it down. Adjust your WAG rankings accordingly because Brit has officially entered our consciousness and just happens to be an ex-soccer player so she's capable of being included in WAGs and all 800 Bleacher Report "Hottest Chicks In Soccer History" lists. The hair has changed colors so don't freak when you look at the following photos.