Matt Barkley Girlfriend

Dec 3, 2012

Dan Patrick Wants Details On Matt Barkley’s Upcoming Engagement To Brittany Langdon [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

‘Tell the Song Girls we said hello. We love them.’ This interview is┬ájust another instance of Dan Patrick keeping...

Feb 16, 2012

God, Matt Barkley Is So Damn Perfect It Makes Us Sick [25 PHOTOS]

While Andrew Luck is just a giant pile of facial hair, has a weird voice and is about as dull as a Peyton Manning homemade porn, Matt Barkley is shooting up our respectability index. Tuesday was the first time we'd heard the name of his girlfriend, Brittany Langdon. One thing led to another and we received emails with pics of Ms. Langdon & USC's returning hero. Say hello to your 2012 Heisman. JUMP!

Feb 14, 2012

Matt Barkley’s Valentine’s Gift: Girlfriend Brittany Langdon [PHOTOS]

Matt Barkley could have turned pro a month ago, started preparing to be a top-10 NFL pick and take his girlfriend Brittany Langdon to New York City where he'd become an instant multi-millionaire. Instead, the two are likely Skyping today for Valentine's Day. Barkley tweeted this shot of Britt in an insane dress (she's a college soccer player) for you guys to get an idea of what he's pulling with his draft status. We salute you, Barkley. JUMP!