Maryeve Dufault

Feb 7, 2012

Bikini Model Maryeve Dufault Is ARCA’s Older Version Of Danica Patrick [PHOTOS]

Our old friend (she probably has a restraining order on our asses), Maryeve Dufault, is back in the news today as she prepares to attack Daytona International during the Feb. 18 Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 ARCA race. Of course the only reason we keep paying attention to Maryeve is because she has an insane bikini photo collection and we can't imagine a chick this hot being capable of driving 185mph & not cut us off to make a turn into the mall. JUMP!

Aug 22, 2011

Bikini Model Maryeve Dufault Drives Like A Canadian Woman [GALLERY!]

Way back in July we broke the news to the blogosphere that a bikini model named Maryeve Dufault would make her NASCAR Nationwide debut Saturday in Montreal. Of course she did and her performance went just about how you'd expect a road course to go for a former bikini model in her rookie Nationwide road course debut. Ever wondered how a bikini model gets her car turned around on a scary turn? You're about to find out! JUMP!

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