Mark Sanchez tweets

Dec 18, 2012

27 Most NSFW Mark Sanchez Hate & Death Threat Tweets You’ll Ever Read

We throw the term ‘NSFW’ around quite a bit when it comes to these Twitter posts. Usually comprising of a...

Nov 23, 2012

19 NSFW Jets Fans Freaking Out Over Thanksgiving Game Blowout

If you are a Jets fan, odds are you were thinking the same thing that @_xScuba tweeted last night: “the...

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Oct 22, 2012

24 NSFW ‘F*** Mark Sanchez & His Butterfingers’ Tweets

These tweets got bad, really bad. For example…”@mark_sanchez UR FATHER SHOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN LUCKY THAT NIGHT. F*** THE 7/11...

Nov 14, 2011

19 NSFW Mark Sanchez Is A Dirty Mexican Tweets After Patriots Drubbing

“Thirty-seven points on the best defense in the league, s--- my d---,” Bill Belichick is quoted as saying after the Patriots pasted the Jets last night in New Jersey. While Bill was trumping anything that has ever come out of Rex Ryan's mouth, Twitter was exploding with racial hate towards Mark Sanchez for his 2 INT game, one of which was a pick six. We missed it, but it seems Sanchez went with a Mexican mouthpiece. That sent the Twits over the edge. JUMP!