Mark Rypien Daughter

Sep 29, 2011

Mark Rypien’s Daughter Angela Makes LFL Debut As -6.5 Favorite In Green Bay

Digest this: MGM in Vegas has the Green Bay Chill as +6.5 home dogs tomorrow night against the Seattle Mist a Lingerie Football League tilt. Maybe you remember we told you in the spring that Mark Rypien's daughter would be under center for the Mist. Look, we're big Angela Rypien fans. She's the only offspring of a Super Bowl winning QB that'll talk to us via email. But this number looks too high. What makes us say that? There are several factors. JUMP!

May 12, 2011

Facebook Photos: Angela Rypien Is A Lingerie Football QB [Updated]

So our post and photos of Angela Rypien have started to make their rounds on the Internet and the story of Mark Rypien’s daughter joining the Lingerie Football League has even made it to the Washington Post. Time for a follow-up story. And more photos!

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May 10, 2011

Mark Rypien’s Daughter Angela Is A Lingerie Football League Quarterback [Photos]

Yep, it's the year of famous female offspring going into either the cheerleading side of sports or in the case of Angela Rypien, daughter of Super Bowl QB Mark Rypien, the Lingerie Football league also as a quarterback. Somehow this news flew under the radar of sports blogs who usually sniff out such news with precision accuracy and great speed. The Kent Reporter in (Wash.) reported Sunday that Angela will play QB during the 2011 Seattle Mist season.