Maria Menounos

Jun 11, 2012

The Sexiest Moments In Celebrity Softball History [39 PHOTOS]

Over the weekend, the CMA Music Festival was held in Nashville, and thankfully the activities comprised of more than just crappy country music. One of the all-time great WAG's, Carrie Underwood, took to the fields for the City of Hope Softball Challenge, and obviously looked good while doing so. Naturally, this got our attention and made us think up some of the other sexy celebrity softball moments...39 of them to be exact! Check them out after the JUMP!

Mar 13, 2012

Can We All Agree Maria Menounos Is Celtics Only Old(er), Hot Superfan?

So Maria Menounos was at Sunday's Celtics-Lakers game and we really don't have any sort of story to tell you here. Yes, Maria is still all together at 33-years-old. The arms aren't getting droopy. The face isn't starting to fall apart. But, this is how bad things are for the Celtics organization. Not only is the basketball team ancient, so is the superfan. Not that we'd kick Maria out of bed. However, when your superfan is 33, the program is in trouble. JUMP!

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Feb 6, 2012

Yawn: Maria Menounos Wearing Bikini After Losing Super Bowl Bet [PHOTOS]

Extra host Maria Menounos looks fantastic. As you might imagine, she looks even more fantastic in a bikini. Maybe the best thing to come out of the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl was the fact Menounos lost a bet to colleague A.J. Calloway. The die-hard New England Patriots fan had to wear a bikini on Extra to pay off the wager. We tip our hat to you, Calloway. We'll tip something else to Menounos and her rock-hard abs. JUMP!

Mar 1, 2010

WTF? Maria Menounos Kisses Tommy Heinsohn During Nets-Celtics Thriller

Posted: Feb. 27, 2010 Premise of Video: Maria Menounos joins the Celtics broadcasting crew Saturday afternoon for a few moments...