March Madness Cheerleaders

Mar 6, 2013

MaCall Manor – America’s Hottest College Basketball Cheerleader

While Joe Lunardi and the rest of the Bracketologists are busy jerking around with RPIs, OOC win value, strength of...

Mar 14, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The NCAA Tournament Overload [157 PHOTOS]

Of course Thursday is a holiday for 85% of American men who could care less about college basketball for 10.5 months out of a year. Of course you wouldn't sit at a bar and watch Syracuse vs. UNC-Asheville in December. Of course Ohio State vs. Loyola-Md. looks like a blowout on paper. But we're all watching. Intently. Is there anything better than gambling, college basketball and cheerleaders on a Thursday afternoon? No, there isn't. JUMP!

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Mar 12, 2012

Ladies Of March Madness: Memphis Cheerleader Caitlin Is An #8 Seed [PHOTOS]

Welcome to our old friend, the 'Ladies of March Madness' series that always makes its appearance during this time of year when basketball is king for four weeks. The goal of the series remains simple: find hot cheerleaders from schools in the NCAA Tournament. While the office dork next to you is worried about who he should take in the Alabama vs. Creighton game, you're familiarizing yourself with ladies Verne Lundquist will be lusting after. Today we meet Caitlin - JUMP!