Lindsey Vonn Bikini

May 12, 2012

Lindsey Vonn Doing Bikini Handstands On Vacation In South Of France

Lindsey Vonn reports on Facebook: Having an amazing time on our sister vacation in the south of France! The sun is out and the water is crystal clear :) more pics to come. XO Lv. How talented and strong is Vonn? You try doing a bikini handstand on a cliff in the south of France. Is this the greatest athlete chick Facebook update of the week? Hell yes it is. Show us one that is better. You can't. JUMP!

Dec 13, 2011

Will Lindsey Vonn Steal Tim Tebow’s Virginity? [PHOTOS]

Enough of the bullshit, Vonn. We're onto you. You file divorce papers against your hubby in November & by December you are in the Tebow family box eyeballing Baby Jesus, watching him take the Broncos to first place in the AFC West. Will you put your hand on the Bible that you haven't given Tim Tebow a boner over the last 30 days? Will you claim that Tim Tebow hasn't put his throwing hand down your Spyder vest? Is it Christian of you to leave a marriage for Tebow? JUMP!

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Nov 28, 2011

Skier Lindsey Vonn Getting A Divorce! [PHOTOS]

Today's your lucky day, gentlemen! Skier and all-around hottie Lindsey Vonn is getting divorced from her husband of four years. Soon, she'll be back on the market and ripe for the pickin'! Or, at least we think she'll be ripe for the pickin'. So what happened to this match made in skiing heaven? Not many details have emerged, but here's what we know. And, as a refresher, here are some photos to remind you what Vonn looks like. Check it!