Lauren Tannehill Photos

Dec 31, 2013

Lauren Tannehill Needs To Eat A Burger [PHOTOS]

Somehow, the Miami Dolphins blew their chance at clinching the last AFC playoff spot. Needing only one victory to capture a post-season berth, the Dolphins lost their final two games to the Bills and Jets by a combined score of...

Sep 4, 2012

Lauren Tannehill – The Miami Dolphins Photos [PHOTOS]

We've been all over Lauren Tannehill since day one. With rumors circulating for months that she was going to be featured in an issue of Maxim, this news from LobShots is brutal. Maxim has reportedly turned down the Lauren Tannehill photos and she will not be appearing in any upcoming issues. This is where the internet comes through in the clutch. No longer do we need to rely the magazine because the photos have surfaced online. JUMP!

Aug 15, 2012

Lauren Tannehill & Jackie Long (Jake’s Wife) On Hard Knocks [PHOTOS]

Week Two recap of Hard Knocks: Joe Philbin is dealing with issue after issue. First, it was the death of Andy Reid's son and then it was Chad Johnson allegedly head-butting his wife. For us, the real drama was whether Lauren Tannehill would finally be in a bikini on South Beach. No dice. However, there was a moneyshot of Lauren and Jake Long's wife, Jackie, at the Dolphins first preseason game. JUMP!

21 Best Photos Of Lauren Tannehill On The Internet

In case you didn't hear, there's a very good chance you'll see Lauren Tannehill tonight on the 2012 premiere of Hard Knocks (10 p.m., HBO). Will she be in a bikini? Not sure, but it'll be more exciting than watching another night of tape delayed gymnastics. The previews from HBO show that the first episode will center around the QB battle. Figure on Lauren counting $100s on the beach & talking about the Dolphins offense. You've been warned. JUMP!

Jun 4, 2012

Pretty Sure This Is The ReTweet Where Lauren Tannehill Leaves Her Husband For A Loser Sports Blogger

Lauren Tannehill is obviously tired of her new boring, hot NFL quarterback husband. She went on a RT spree this morning so we threw out the fishing line to see if she was in the mood to bite. Um, you see what happened. This RT obviously means she gets our humor (SCORE!) and isn't freaked out by our fascination with her boobs via those galleries we've been running (SCORE #2!). GALLERY - JUMP!

May 8, 2012

You Think Troy Aikman Is Thinking What I’m Thinking About Lauren Tannehill?

Just what Miami needs, another hot chick import coming to town to blast us with bikini ass shots. Of course Ryan Tannehill gets drafted by the Dolphins tonight and of course ESPN figures out a way to get Lauren into as many shots of Ryan as possible. He's a complete bore, but she's a complete smokebomb who has been destroying NYC this week at a couple of dinners such as this one with Troy Aikman. You gotta see what she wore to dinner last night. JUMP!

Apr 26, 2012

Apr 26, 2012

Ryan Tannehill’s Model Wife Lauren Will Become A Star At NFL Draft [PHOTOS]

You already know where Andrew Luck will be drafted. And RGIII. Don't bother worrying about watching the ESPN coverage until the Vikings are on the clock at #3. Then the drama begins. Do the Browns reach for a QB with the #4 pick? Is Ryan Tannenhill their guy over Trent Richardson? Or does the former A&M WR/QB end up picked #8 by the Dolphins? Such drama. Meanwhile, Tannehill & his wife are blowing off steam by popping off some rounds. JUMP!