Laura McKeeman Photos

Mar 6, 2013

Miss Florida 2012 Laura McKeeman Is New Padres Sideline Reporter

We once called Laura McKeeman “The Next Erin Andrews.” She’s Miss Florida 2012. She’s dating Colorado Rockies infielder Josh Rutledge....

Jul 10, 2012

Fox Sports Sideline Reporter Laura McKeeman Named Miss Florida 2012

Nothing like being crowned Miss Florida 2012 to put some pressure on Erin Andrews. Laura McKeeman, a Fox Sports sideline reporter, was named Miss Florida 2012 over the weekend and will compete in January's Miss America pageant. Meanwhile, Pageviews makes her Fox debut at tonight's all-star game. Could a sexy sideline rivalry be brewing at Fox over the next several years. It'll happen if ESPN doesn't steal McKeeman first. JUMP!

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Sep 27, 2011

Fox Sports Reporter Laura McKeeman Is Next Erin Andrews? [PHOTOS]

BC reader John D. wrote to us last week in reference to the Next Erin Andrews Project: "Have you not heard of Laura McKeeman? She works for and fox sports and she does radio stuff but shes like the college football recruiting guru and there's not another girl that knows as much as her. Really incredibal." Then John provided the requisite personal website, Twitter & Facebook accounts. The EA Hunter put on his investigator hat for a look into this McKeeman chick. JUMP!