Larisa Fraser Model

Feb 8, 2013

NEW! Larisa Fraser Braun Bikini Photos For Venus Swimwear

Larisa Fraser in a bikini is exactly what we need on a day like this. It’s freezing cold and a...

Nov 8, 2012

Ryan Braun & Larisa Fraser Are Engaged [PHOTOS]

Here we go again, beating major media outlets (Milwaukee) to the news that their star Ryan Braun, 28, is now...

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Sep 20, 2012

Larisa Fraser About To Get Canadian Bacon From Guy Who’s Not Ryan Braun [PHOTOS]

We've preached about Larisa Fraser for about a year now. She's the girlfriend of Ryan Braun, is a model and has flown completely under the radar. Not a single mainstream gossip magazine has stalked her. Is she hotter than Kate Upton? Absolutely. Does she have more marbles in her brain than Kate Upton? Not even a competition. Yet, here we are still preaching about Ms. Fraser. You put this chick in the SI swimsuit issue & she's a star. JUMP!