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Jan 15, 2013

24 NSFW Lance Armstrong Hatred Tweets From People Sick Of His Lies

Enough is enough. Why do people still give Lance Armstrong the time of day? Never has an athlete from a...

Oct 17, 2012

19 NSFW ‘Black Guys Breaking Down Lance Armstrong Dropped By Nike News’ Twitter

“Whole time nigga was probably running around with warm herpes talking bout “Livestrong”…f*ck outta here Lance Armstrong.”┬áTry getting that...

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Aug 24, 2012

24 NSFW Black Guy Tweets Sticking Up For Their Homie Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong dropped his fight with the USADA last night...blah, blah, blah. We'll continue to acknowledge his accomplishments and his triumph over cancer, and apparently so will every black guy on Twitter. These guys were so fired up about the decision and were acting like Lance was one of their homies from back in the day. Don't take away a mans accomplishments when he's only got one nut! JUMP!