Mar 15, 2013

KU Boobs For Big 12 Semifinal Game vs. Iowa State [20 PHOTOS]

Everyone’s favorite college boobs Twitter account has been especially active during the Big 12 Tournament. KU Boobs was dropping bombs last night during the Texas Tech massacre (91-63) and they aren’t slowing down heading into tonight’s matchup with Iowa State....

Jan 27, 2013

KU Boobs Update: KU Boobs Help Jayhawks Beat Sooners, OU Boobs [PHOTOS]

Third-ranked Kansas beat Big 12 rival Oklahoma, 67-54, yesterday to win their 17th straight game and perhaps audition for the No. 1 ranking. How did they do it? Sportswriters might point to Jeff Withey’s 13 points and nine rebounds, but...

Jan 15, 2013

50 Best #KUBoobs On The Internet

If you weren’t monitoring Twitter last night you were really missing out on #KUBoobs. As┬áKansas was cruising past Baylor, the KU student body was celebrating in a special way. A Twitter account that goes by @KUBoobs has really picked...

91 Greatest #KUBoobs In March Madness History [PHOTOS]

As promised this morning, we ordered BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich to scour the #KUBoobs hashtag to find the latest and greatest boobs from this phenomenon that just won't die. Will #KUBoobs be celebrating in Lawrence late tonight? How many different ways can we make it clear this title NEEDS to be carried home by KU? The last time Kansas won a title, 2008, BC documented chicks flashing. Kansas is all about the racks. Win one for the boobies, boys! JUMP!

Apr 2, 2012

46 Best #KUBoobs To Look At During Final Four Weekend [PHOTOS]

Just finishing up the week here at BC and decided that it was time to cap off this #KUBoobs with one final roundup of the best hashtag since the debut of #FriskyFriday. Of course things might change if Kansas beats Ohio State and plays in Monday's national championship game. Then we'll probably have another roundup. Like you morons care. BOOBS! BIG ONES! SMALL BOOBS! CHUNKY BOOBS! #KUBOOBS OVERLOAD! JUMP!

Mar 30, 2012

#KUBoobs Gettting So BIG Even TV Stations Covering Story [VIDEO]

Of course we know a trend that's going to explode when we see one. Take sports, a major sporting event and boobs. Mix together and you have Twitter gold. This #KUBoobs Twitter phenomenon has gotten so out of control that TV and radio stations are clamoring to talk to the founder, Tiffany Kent. Her Twitter account - @MommyLovesWine - is now over 2,000 followers. Meanwhile, the big news this morning is that @KUBoobs has been suspended by Twitter. Video - JUMP!

Mar 28, 2012

Mar 27, 2012

18 Best #KUBOOBS On Twitter [PHOTOS]

It's the Twitter hashtag campaign that's picking up steam this morning. If you don't have a #KUBoobs search tab open in your browser, what are you waiting on? Is your bracket busted? Are you sitting at work completely bored and tired of listening to Ashlynn bitching about her boyfriend treating her like sh*t? We have your perfect time waster today and the rest of the week. Go follow @KUboobs. Can't access Twitter at work? Here's a best of #KUBoobs as of 11:45 EST. JUMP!