Kiana Kim Photos

Jan 11, 2013

Pete Rose Is Not Happy With Wife Kiana Kim’s Breast Reduction [PHOTOS]

We first told you guys about the upcoming Pete Rose/Kiana Kim TLC reality show back in July. They only had...

Jul 18, 2012

20 Hottest Photos Of Kiana Kim – Pete Rose’s Girlfriend!

Of course we're excited over the news of Pete Rose and his girlfriend Kiana Kim getting a reality show on TLC. It's like sports' version of Ice T & Coco T. Tell me you're not excited to see how Pete manages a life with an Asian chick with giant boobs and personality. That's the show right there. Week after week. Don't forget that Pete is 71-years-old. We expect multiple TVs showing sulky horse racing & the MLB package. JUMP!

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Mar 30, 2010

Nightcapper: Kiana Kim (Photos) & Pete Rose Talk About Sex Life On Howard Stern

Our boyhood hero Pete Rose was in NYC this morning to introduce his Asian girlfriend Kiana Kim to Howard Stern...