Kate Upton Photos

Jan 25, 2013

Kate Upton Gets The Zoo Magazine Treatment [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton shot some new photos for a January 2013 issue of the UK’s infamous Zoo Magazine.┬áThe premise of...

Jan 18, 2013

What If Kate Upton Were Pregnant? [PHOTOS]

Would the internet explode? Think about it for a second. How would the public react if one day you went...

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Aug 20, 2012

Kate Upton Seems To Still Be Dating Justin Verlander [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton has been relatively quiet since it was learned that she and Justin Verlander were dating. It was July 10 when BC learned that Upton was officially partying with Verlander in Detroit. Then there was the July 18 news that Upton was joining a suburban Detroit gym. That's where the trail went cold. For the most part, she stopped using Twitter. JV & Upton weren't spotted at concerts. She kinda quieted down. Now we get Upton in a Tigers hat! It's back on! JUMP!

Dec 22, 2011

Walt Frazier Shoving His Meat In Kate Upton’s Face At Knicks-Nets [PHOTOS]

Not sure what the hell was going on last night at the Knicks-Nets game but we have photos of Kate Upton & Walt Frazier promoting Daily Burger's (new MSG burger joint). So many ways to go with this. The original thought was 'Kate Upton Now Dating Walt Frazier - WTF?' or 'Creepy Dude About To Eat Kate Upton.' Kudos to the marketing genius who was able to get Upton on the day she killed the Internet. Let's be honest, best promo shoot of the year. JUMP!

Jul 18, 2011

Kate Upton Actually Wore Clothes During Miami Fashion Week [Photos]

Know your audience. That was rule #1 when we started reading up on blogging way back in 2007. The art of blogging was in its infancy, but the rule made total sense since it's the basis to any great media company. Fox News knows The South. ESPN knows East Coast sports. And Busted Coverage knows you guys like women. Like, really enjoy Kate Upton. The numbers don't lie. Go nuts, Internet. It's Monday & you deserve it.

Apr 1, 2011

Breaking! Kate Upton Naked Photos Have Officially Surfaced!

Um, gentlemen, it was the day you thought would never come. After weeks, months of dreaming of the day you’d...