Kate Upton Boyfriend

Jul 18, 2012

Minnesota Sportscaster Loves Kate Upton Cat Daddy Video [VIDEO]

The Kate Upton-Justin Verlander saga just gets better and better. Here's the Minneapolis-St.Paul Fox affiliate trying to run all-star game highlights but end up showing Kate Upton's Cat Daddy instead. Was this planned? Probably. You know those wacky kids at Fox, always looking to spice up the news with a then-19-year-old shaking her ass on the News at 9. JUMP!

Jul 7, 2012

Justin Verlander Dating Kate Upton? Could This Really Be Happening? Maybe.

As we told you this morning, Kate Upton was drinking in a suite at last night's Detroit Tigers game. It turns out that suite was Justin Verlander's suite. Yes, that Verlander guy from the MLB 2K commercials and your reigning Cy Young. A little investigating reveals that Upton in Verlander's suite wasn't by coincidence. These two are actually sharing some special time, according to Detroit locals. JUMP!

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Jul 19, 2011

Patriots’ TE Rob Gronkowski Working Kate Upton Into A Thick Lather [Photo]

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is absolutely using his time wisely during this soon-to-be-ending NFL LockoutĀ®. Dude seems to have been working out and staying sane by constantly tweeting with buxom 19-year-old SI bombshell Kate Upton. Maybe you've heard of her? Anyway, Gronk was up to his old ways yesterday with this masterpiece that caught Kate's attention. More of the Tweet romance - JUMP!