Jordan Carver

Feb 18, 2013

Jordan Carver Is, Um, A Big Chargers Fan [PHOTOS]

So what if the 2012-13 campaign was a train wreck for the San Diego Chargers. At least they’ll have hot...

May 24, 2012

Could Jordan Carver Possibly Play Soccer Without Killing Someone? [PHOTOS]

As you know by know, pinup model Jordan Carver is a woman who will model pretty much anything as long as her giant fake boobs are flopped out in the photos. We've even seen a gallery where she's jerking around with eggs and Chef Boyardee. Usually these scenes are logical moments in life where the cleav-bombs make sense. Today, however, we get this set of soccer pics. Seriously, worst possible sport for this chick. Somebody is going to get killed. JUMP!

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Mar 2, 2012

Jordan Carver Spring Training Hand & Bat Bra Bonanza! [PHOTOS]

God bless Jordan Carver. There are women who 'get' the Internet and then there is Jordan Carver dropping a baseball-themed hand & bat bra gallery featuring photos of her in Angels gear just as teams prepare to play their first games of Spring Training. Hate the Angels? You'll have to suffer throw 12 photos of Jordan modeling her baseball gear and a skirt that all baseball dugout dancers should be wearing this summer. JUMP!