Jon Bones Jones

May 19, 2012

Jon Jones Crashed His Bentley, Got A DUI, And His Mom Bailed Him Out Of Jail [PHOTOS]

Jon "Bones" Jones wrapped his Bentley around a pole in Binghamton, New York at around 5 am this morning. Jones was reportedly physically okay, but he was popped for a DUI charge and was bailed out by his mother hours later. I guess Jon Jones was taking a break from his training for his upcoming September 1st fight against Dan Henderson in Las Vegas. It's always cheaper to take a taxi (especially when you are driving a Bentley). JUMP!

Oct 4, 2011

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones New Ride Is $189,000 Bentley Continental GT [PHOTOS]

It's a good day representative of hard work, sacrifice and commitment when you go down to the dealer to pick up your new Bentley Continental GT -- not that we would know about any of that. UFC champ Jon "Bones" Jones does, though. Bones called it one of the best days of his life. When you check out the specs on this bad boy, you'll know why. We've got them for you along with some pics of Bones' new ride. Pimp!

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Jul 16, 2011

Kenny Powers Is CEO Of K-Swiss: Uncensored Version [Video]

To take a word from the Kenny Powers dictionary, the Kenny Powers K-Swiss ads give me a boner. Here's comedian Danny McBride completely uncensored taking over as K-Swiss CEO in his best ad spot yet. We saved this for the weekend so you could turn this up at home and scare the #@%^ out of your dog. Enjoy. JUMP!