Joe Flacco Wife

Feb 8, 2013

Kelly Ripa On Joe Flacco’s Short Wife: “That’s Gotta Be A Fun Party” [VIDEO]

Joe Flacco was on the Kelly & Michael Show  this morning, making the usual post Super Bowl media stops. What...

Jan 6, 2012

WAGs Of The 2012 NFL Playoffs [PHOTOS]

Face it, if you don't have a team in the fight during the 2012 NFL Playoffs there are a couple of factors that make you watch: the love of football, gambling, it's winter and the fantasy that one day you'll have an NFL caliber WAG sitting on the couch with you watching Broncos-Steelers. What a crop of ladies we have this year. Eric Decker brings in Jessie James. Matthew Stafford has girlfriend Kelly Hall. Wes Welker has a Hooters Miss International GF. Helluva strong class of WAGs kick off the only season that matters tomorrow at 4:30 when the Bengals face the Texans. The journey to Indy is on. JUMP!

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Jun 28, 2011

Joe Flacco Marries High School Girlfriend Dana Grady [Photo]

Big news from the NFL Lockout® front where QBs are getting married at a dizzying rate. Joe Flacco went very low key over the weekend and managed to get married with only 2-3 Twitter messages even mentioning it - and no photos! The lucky lady is Dana Grady, his high school girlfriend of 9 years. Nope, she doesn't have a unibrow. That's her with Vanilla Ice. Seems like a lovely lady. What else can we report? The couple was registered at Crate & Barrel. More - JUMP!