Jim McMahon Drunk

Feb 8, 2013

Buy Jim McMahon’s Scottsdale, AZ Home For $2.4 Million [PHOTOS]

Jim McMahon appears to have had enough of all the golfing and drinking he does in Arizona. The former Chicago...

Oct 5, 2012

Jim McMahon Still Medicating His Dementia With Coors Light & Golf

By now it’s pretty well known that Jim McMahon is struggling with dementia and other brain ailments. Sad seeing “the...

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Jul 19, 2012

Jim McMahon Still Drinking Beers [PHOTOS]

You know why it's hard to dislike Jim McMahon? This guy can barely remember his wife's name, forgets why he walked into a room, yet he's still drinking like a champ. Still throwing down Coors. Is that a blue Solo shot glass at a recent Kenny Chesney concert? If dementia and a damaged brain is going to turn him into a vegetable, he's at least going to party until the end. JUMP!