Jessica Dorrell

Apr 11, 2012

Jessica Dorrell Blow Up Dolls Ride Hogs Around Arkansas Campus [PHOTOS]

Poor Jessica Dorrell & Bobby Petrino. Their "inappropriate relationship" is now getting the "blonde on a scooter around campus" treatment thanks to a couple of Razorbacks bros who found blow up dolls in Fayetteville. Bigger issue here: Too soon or that these guys had blowup dolls and scooters at the ready? And points are obviously deducted for not having a video crew following and 'Jessica' giving you a reach around. JUMP!

Apr 6, 2012

The Bobby Petrino-Jessica Dorrell Engagement Photos Have Been Released

So the big news last night was that Bobby Petrino admitted to his family, the university and YOU that he'd been carrying on an inappropriate relationship with an unnamed human. Vegas has the line at -10000 that the unnamed human is Jessica Dorrell, the 25-year-old blonde assumed a cushy job within the football program just five days before she was involved in a motorcycle crash with Petrino. Guess who was engaged? Yeah, Dorrell. Guess what we have? JUMP!

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Apr 5, 2012

Blonde Jessica Dorrell Was On Bobby Petrino’s Motorcycle During Wreck [PHOTOS]

The Bobby Petrino motorcycle wreck story took a turn this afternoon when it was learned, via the police report, that the Arkansas head coach had Jessica Dorrell, a young lady who just got a job working with the football program, riding along. The original reports from Arkansas were that Bobby was alone. Dorrell is a 2008 Arkansas graduate and played on the volleyball team. Of course we're not inferring anything with this news. Just saying Bobby might want to explain. JUMP!