Jaime Edmondson Pics

Feb 15, 2012

Jaime Edmondson Dating Evan Longoria? Damn You, Longoria! [PHOTOS]

Nope, we have no specific news that Evan Longoria and BC Hall of Famer Jaime Edmondson are dating, but these two kids looked awfully happy to be hanging out together today at Disney World's Animal Kingdom. Either they're dating or their dogs are dating because we've never seen more doggy sleepovers at Longoria's place in Twitter history. Edmondson's dachshund, Molly. Longoria's bull terrier, Jango. Could be power couple of 2012. JUMP!

Dec 8, 2011

Watch Jaime Edmondson Shake It For College Football [VIDEO]

You know how Playboy keeps digging up all these 21 & 22-year-old chicks with big boobs, skin that's pretty much how God drew it up when he designed Greek goddesses and hair that's perfect length for hairbras. Yeah, well you guys can have all those issues. We'll stick with our old friend and Playboy legend Jaime Edmondson. She made Internet commotion last week with her college football photos. Now comes the video. JUMP!

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Aug 30, 2011

Jaime Edmondson Gets In Cam Newton’s BCS Pants [PHOTOS]

You guys have no idea how much work went into making this Jaime Edmondson in Cam Newton's BCS Pants possible. This process started way back in May when we (I) dropped $1,525 for the pants. The emailers soon followed with hate mail and "Why would you possibly spend that amount of money for Scam Newton's pants?" The answer is simple: marketing. The idea was that the pants would take on a life of their own. Thanks to Jaime that happens tonight.