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Jun 29, 2012

5 Olympic Weightlifting Women Guaranteed To Kick Your Wimp Ass

One of our favorite sports at the Olympics? Weightlifting, specifically women's weightlifting. Why? Because you never know when one of these chicks will puke, blow out a knee or blind a judge via a zit popping from all the pressure. Not that we'd say it to their faces. We've already showed you what Team USA's Hope Solo has to offer, now we bring you weightlifting's lovely ladies. Smooches, girls. JUMP!

Mar 5, 2012


As we mentioned last week, Holley Mangold had her moment to shine yesterday at the U.S. Olympic weightlifting trials in Columbus, O. Guess who's going to the Olympics, b*tches? To say this makes our year is an understatement. Why? Because Nick Mangold's sister is gregarious, knows she's mammoth and is likely to bench press some Chinese gymnasts in the dining hall. Name another athlete having this much fun in life. PHOTOS - JUMP!

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Feb 28, 2012

Nick Mangold’s Sister, Holley, A Clean & Jerk Away From London Olympics [PHOTOS]

Look, how can an American not be rooting for Holley Mangold to represent the U.S. weighlifting team at the 2012 London Olympics? Nick Mangold's sister gets her shot this Sunday in Columbus to secure travel plans for August. All she needs are a couple solid clean and jerks and she'll be destroying the Olympic Village with her 340-pound frame. Just powerlifting scrawny Chinese ping pong players like fungo baseball bats. JUMP!