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Sep 20, 2011

Mike Tyson At Charlie Sheen Roast Video If You Missed It [VIDEO]

Of course you want to hear Mike Tyson destroy the English language at the Charlie Sheen roast. Of course you missed it because there was Monday Night Football and life to live. But that's what the Internet is for. Why watch it when a blog will bring you the highlights? Now for a game we're going to play. Figure out what's odd about this video. Something is off about Mike's speech besides the use of words he can't define. Leave comments below - JUMP!

Sep 20, 2011

Toledo Fan Is Arkansas State’s New Offensive Coordinator [VIDEO]

BC tipster Qwait (odd choice of nickname) sent word this morning that we missed the Toledo fan this past Friday night. "He's a toolbag and making blowjob gestures on ESPN. Good job toledo," Qwait writes. Ahh, but wait, maybe Brian (sounds like a good Ohio name) is just trying to make a resume tape for the future Arkansas State offensive coordinator job. That school seems to like a guy who can make solid oral sex motions on national TV. Watch as Brian shines - JUMP!

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Sep 19, 2011

Crowd Reacts To Mariano Rivera’s Record 602nd Save [VIDEO]

It's kinda a shame that Mariano Rivera couldn't get his 602, & MLB record, save against the Red Sox or to clinch an A.L. East title. But you won't hear any of the 40k or so who showed up for a Monday afternoon game complaining. Think about this for a minute: Rivera has only given up 20+ ER in a season - as a closer - three times. Still don't think Rivera has been that dominant? The guy has faced 4800 hitters & surrendered 933 hits. Video of today's milestone - JUMP!

Sep 19, 2011

Larry Merchant Would Kick Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Ass [VIDEO]

It was the best fight this weekend - Larry Merchant vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Sure, the pay-per-view fight that you suckers purchased was a giant cluster$%^&^. Sure, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the biggest piece of garbage in boxing history. Sure, the sport of boxing wouldn'be be talked about if it weren't for Mayweather. Of course you want to hear Floyd and Larry go at it. Ever heard of respecting your elders? Not happening here, folks. JUMP!