Gronkowski Partying

Jul 5, 2012

Gronk Celebrates 4th: Autographs Chick’s Beer Bong & Cops Get Called

As if we expected anything less of Gronk. He brought Team Jizz Blaster back to his hometown of Buffalo and hit up Mickey Rats, a local beach bar. Mickey Rats is notorious for getting pretty raucous during the summer and when Gronk shows up things get taken to the next level. He was spraying whipped cream on himself. Signing beer-bongs. Talking about singing titties. Police raid. JUMP!

Jun 8, 2012

A Photo Tribute To Gronk: The Highest Paid Tight End In NFL History!

What have we learned from Rob Gronkowski about life over the last 12 months? Fist pumping, grinding on blondes, wearing Zubaz, being Team Leader of the JB's and having chicks cup your balls for Instagrams can all pay off. The Patriots tight end signed a six-year deal today worth $54 million. That's a HUGE deal for a guy who "still wears jeans from high school," according to his father. Just think of the beach house he can afford for Spring Break '13. It's on, beotches! JUMP!

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Jan 24, 2012

Ladies Love Rob Gronkowski: A (Growing) Photo Collection

Is there a chick on this planet that can possibly resist the urge of The Gronkowski? The spike. The chiseled jaw line. The 2% body fat. The abs. The gun shows. The NFL tight end records. The Ivan Drago hair. In a matter of five months, Rob Gronkowski has gone from an unknown, to a chick's dream come true. We've searched out these ladies and their Internet shrapnel. These photos represent trophy deer moments to these ladies. JUMP!