Gronk Spring Break Photos

Feb 5, 2013

Some Crazy Boston Herald Broad On ESPN Trying To Tell Gronk To Tone It Down [VIDEO]

Who in the hell does Boston Herald Pats’ beat writer Karen Guregian (@kguregian) think she is? This crazy...

Mar 26, 2012

Rob Gronkowski Using The Power Of Zubaz On Thick Thighs [PHOTO]

The final straggler photos from the Gronk South Padre Fiesta came in over the weekend & we're told by tipsters that this is the Jizz Blaster doing work on thick thighs at one of South Padre's bars. Of course we've been taking plenty of sh*t over the last week for our Gronk coverage. Look, there is something very black & white you morons need to realize - we love this guy. Of course he's a pageview generator. Of course he parties. We love it. Repeat, love it! JUMP!

Mar 21, 2012

Yes, Gronk Is Pounding Beer Bongs On South Padre [PHOTOS]

What did you guys expect from Gronk when it's like 90-degrees, there's beer to be pounded and young broads that need to be impressed? Again, he's 22. Forget the fact that he has two NFL seasons behind him. The Jizz Blaster is on Spring Break, dammit. So the beer bong photos are starting to roll in from South Padre. Maybe you remember Meat earlier this morning nearly passed out in a golf cart and eating pizza. The Gronk HAM Tour is going just fine.