Gronk Drinking

Feb 5, 2013

Shirtless Gronk Slams Friend On Stage At Vegas Nightclub [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

The off-season of Gronk has officially begun. Sunday night he was filmed on stage at a Las Vegas nightclub body-slamming...

Sep 6, 2012

9 Outtakes From The Gronk Sports Illustrated Interview

Last week we showed you the Gronk Sports Illustrated cover and gave you the scoop on the article. This week we have the outtakes from said article, a.k.a. the entertaining stuff. We got the scoop that Sports Illustrated reporter Chris Ballard would be live-tweeting the article's outtakes this afternoon. There are talks of high school flirting, fights with his brothers, limo buses and more...all the tweets are here. JUMP!

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Aug 29, 2012

Gronk To SI On Why He Works Out: “Do It To Get Chicks”

The Summer of Gronk has come and gone. The days of shirtless partying and taking body shots off half-naked chicks are sadly over...for now. With the NFL season starting next week, Sports Illustrated has chosen to feature the big fella on the cover for their 2012 NFL preview issue. Sure Gronk is toning things down during the NFL season, but he has officially released his new work-out motto: "Do it for the chicks!" JUMP!

May 25, 2012

The Very Best Of Rob Gronkowski Drunken & Party Moments

Big weekend coming up for Gronk & Team Jizz Blaster. It seems that the crew at College Mansion is throwing a giant bash at Trump Casino in Atlantic City with dozens & dozens of bikini models and the Gronkowski crew. Seriously. They're also bringing along legendary Jizz Blaster Dean Muhtadi, who is quickly working his way through the meathead rankings. Don't say we didn't warn you all hell is about to break loose on that boardwalk. Fist pump! Fist pump! Fist pump! JUMP!