Grid Girls

Oct 21, 2011

Lucy Pinder Returns To Grid Girl Roots At British Championship [PHOTOS]

The 2011 British Touring Championship was held last weekend & reminded us that BC hadn't addressed Grid Girls in '11. We actually fired Kevin The Intern's assistant intern over it. Thankfully we noticed Lucy Pinder's Twitter account this week & a few Grid Girl shots. That sent BC Freelance Photo Editor Big Gay Rich into action. "Put together 55 photos of Lucy's rack for you pervs," Rich emailed. So friggin gay, yet damn important to BC. JUMP!

Apr 28, 2010

Grid Girls '10: Bad Teeth, Nice Legs & Cloudy Skies At Rockingham BTCC

Welcome to our (hopefully) weekly look at the ladies who hold pole position signs while wearing high heels and some...

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Mar 31, 2010

Grid Girls! The 2010 Australian Grand Prix (Photos)

Welcome to our first look at the 2010 Grid Girls from the F1 circuit. As is customary on Busted Coverage,...