Greg Oden Photos

Nov 6, 2013

Greg Oden Was At Hooters Last Night While The Heat Won In Toronto

What was Greg Oden up to last night while the Heat were in Toronto beating the Raptors, 104-95? Oh, not...

Jan 21, 2013

Greg Oden Spends Weekend In Chicago Looking Like Broken Down 7-Footer

  It seems our Greg Oden Bar/Rehab Watch series is catching on across the country. As you can see, @...

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Oct 12, 2012

Greg Oden Bar Hopping From Yogi’s Hoagies To Brothers In Columbus Arena District

Will Greg Oden live to see 30? How can his liver possibly handle the pounding he’s giving it now that...

Sep 13, 2012

Greg Oden Partying With Columbus State Community College Kids [PHOTO]

Every now and then we receive a Greg Oden update. Not long ago we saw his academic side when he went back to Ohio State for an economics summer class. Now it appears he is enjoying the other side of the college experience: getting drunk with kids and chasing after "white hoes". Last weekend he was out partying and apparently spending time with some students from nearby Columbus State Community College. JUMP!

Aug 13, 2012

Greg Oden Allegedly Shotgunning Beers With Thickies At Golf Tourney

Rob Gronkowski starts getting serious about football and we move over to keeping tabs on everyone's favorite 7-foot #1 NBA draft pick bust, Greg Oden. The prerequisite to get our attention on a daily basis includes: you must drink, wear crazy pants and enjoy posing for photos with hot and/or ugly chicks because it's funny. Enter Oden on Friday at a golf tourney honoring his dead buddy, Travis Smith. JUMP!

Aug 6, 2012

Columbus Hoochies Working Over Greg Oden’s Retirement Fund? [PHOTOS]

And here you thought hoochies wouldn't care about Greg Oden now that his NBA career is finished. Ahh, but the 7-footer made over $23,000,000 in his career and, from all indications, has plenty of spare bills to throw around. Sure, his agent got a cut. The government got its share. I'm sure there were a couple bad house deals in Portland. Maybe a sports car or two that were spur-of-the-moment mistakes. Hoochies, however, can sniff those bills. JUMP!