greg oden drunk

Mar 11, 2013

Greg Oden Bar Watch: He’s Already Putting Cleveland Drunks On His Back!

While the Cleveland Plain Dealer was busy covering Greg Oden sitting in Dan Gilbert’s sideline seats at Friday’s Grizzlies-Cavs game,...

Oct 29, 2012

Greg Oden Hits Rock Bottom: Wearing Phantom Of The Opera Costume At OSU Bar

The sad saga of Greg Oden just keeps getting more impossible not to watch for us. It’s not that we...

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Oct 21, 2012

Greg Oden “Homie Wasted” & Carrying Booze Horn At OSU-Purdue Tailgate, Twitter Reports

How hard did Greg Oden go on the party circuit yesterday for Ohio State-Purdue weekend? Wade Boggs hard. An all...

Sep 24, 2012

Greg Oden Heads Back To OSU’s Little Bar, Gets ‘Frat Boy Wasted’ [PHOTOS]

No, this isn't a re-post from last week. Greg Oden went back to Little Bar in Columbus and, as one tweeter so eloquently put it, got "frat boy wasted." With each passing week Oden seems to spiraling towards a dark, sad life of alcoholism and irrelevance. As he did last weekend, he went on another all-day bender on Saturday. Oden was first seen partying at a tailgate before the Buckeyes took on UAB. After the win, he hit up Little Bar where the shenanigans didn't stop. He left a $1 tip! JUMP!

Sep 17, 2012

Greg Oden Middle Fingering Camera At OSU’s Little Bar This Weekend

Greg Oden's alcoholic rehab doesn't seem to be going very well. The 7-footer apparently went on a bender this weekend on the Ohio State campus during a football Saturday. This middle finger photo happened at around 7:48 on Saturday night at the infamous Little Bar. Eventually the former 1st overall NBA pick would end up playing beer pong at some house party. The guy might look 47, but he's really 24 and living the dream. JUMP!

Sep 13, 2012

Greg Oden Partying With Columbus State Community College Kids [PHOTO]

Every now and then we receive a Greg Oden update. Not long ago we saw his academic side when he went back to Ohio State for an economics summer class. Now it appears he is enjoying the other side of the college experience: getting drunk with kids and chasing after "white hoes". Last weekend he was out partying and apparently spending time with some students from nearby Columbus State Community College. JUMP!