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Nov 3, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Alabama Vs. LSU

We are in Baton Rouge this morning for #1 Alabama vs. #5 LSU (BCS rankings) to document the craziness of Death Valley. If Friday night at Walk-Ons was any indication, our first trip to LSU is going to be a...

Sep 22, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Clemson Vs. Florida State [PHOTOS]

The last time ESPN GameDay stopped in Tallahassee was around this time last year when Oklahoma hurt E.J. Manuel and the Sooners won, 23-13. We were outside The Doak for last year's show and had never seen people drinking from kegs at a GameDay stop. Of the 7 career GameDay stops we've made, Florida State is the biggest booze-fest you'll find. People trashed at 9:30 a.m. We expect nothing less than that today. JUMP!

Sep 8, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Florida Vs. Texas A&M [PHOTOS]

How long has it been since ESPN GameDay has visited Texas A&M for a show? A long, long time. Of course the locals are fired up to show off their homemade signs to Samantha Steele, Herbie, Desmond, etc. Of course these students are out of their minds with this first SEC game. Of course the national spotlight on A&M is another shot at Texas. Folks, if A&M doesn't deliver an award-winning sign day, it'll be a travesty. JUMP!

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Alabama Vs. Michigan

GameDay is back. GameDay signs are back. GameDay signs are back. If there's one thing we know about GameDay's first stop of the season over the last five years or so, you're not going to see award-winning signs at a neutral site. The only benefit of having GameDay in Dallas is that it's close enough for Bama fans to make the trip via a truck packed with the kids and Roll Tide flags. Have a sign we missed? Send it in: [email protected]

Sep 1, 2012

2011 ESPN GameDay Signs: Nebraska Vs. Wisconsin [PHOTOS]

Busted Coverage has boots on the ground in Madison, Wisconsin for ESPN GameDay stop. It’s Nebraska's first Big Ten game and Wisconsin's high-powered offense seems poised to pound the ball down their throats . The students are fired up with their corn-inspired signs. Cheeseheads are up early and we assuming drinking heavily. They have crazy ass signs to show mom and dad back home in Eau Claire. Here are your best of the best. Enjoy.

Oct 1, 2011

2011 ESPN GameDay Signs: Florida State Vs. Oklahoma [PHOTOS]

Welcome back to another year of Saturday mornings with Busted Coverage and our ESPN GameDay Signs project where we give you the best of the best from Tallahassee, Florida. It’s Florida State vs. Oklahoma tonight in what is FSU's chance to get back into the national spotlight with a 8 p.m. EST ABC kickoff. We're coming to you live from the action. Hit us up at @bustedcoverage. It has been a long time for FSU fan. They're pumped. Let’s get rolling!

Sep 17, 2011

Dec 4, 2009

From The Couch: Arizona Girls So Easy A Caveman Can……Do ‘Em!

Lost in rivalry weekend was the annual “Our Chicks Are Hotter Than Yours” Civil War in Arizona where ASU might have lost the game on the field but the consolation prizes were women molded with God’s hands. Have you not...

Sep 26, 2009

The Best GameDay Signs 2009: Iowa Vs. Penn State

In case you want to read the new, great Wiki on Tim Tebow conception night. Welcome to the official Busted Coverage GameDay Sign post for tonight’s matchup between Iowa and Penn State. Was State College the logical choice for ESPN...