Falcons Cheerleaders

Oct 4, 2012

NFL Pick ‘Em vs. Hot Chicks Week Five: Sportscaster Chelsa Messinger

We had a pretty solid week last week, going 3-1-1. Our first week with two guest pickers saw Cowboys cheerleader Courtney Cook go 1-3-1 and Panthers ice girl Danielle go 2-2-1. Yep, BC took down not one, but two hot chicks in one week. This week we're going to try to do the same as Courtney Cook returns and joins sports anchor Chelsa Messinger. Chelsa knows her stuff, but going against BC and the spread? That's another story. Lets see what these hot chicks are made off! JUMP!

Aug 30, 2012

The Hottest Cheerleaders & Sexy Superfans Of The NFC South [PHOTOS]

The NFC South could go any number of ways. Sure the Saints or the Falcons are the favorite, but Cam Newton and the Panthers look impressive. Supposedly Josh Freeman lost weight and the Bucs will be better? We'll believe it when we see it because, you know, the whole college coach switching to the NFL thing has worked so well recently. Is this the year Matt Ryan gets over the hump? Will Drew Brees overcome Bountygate? JUMP!

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May 27, 2011

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Dirty Bird Bikini Shoot In Bermuda

While there are reports of the Atlanta Falcons cutting the pay of front office staffers back home in Georgia, the Falcons cheerleader squad is in Bermuda busily compiling a photo dossier that'll serve as the official 11-'12 swimsuit calendar. Like we care if some secretary had Arthur Blank cut her pay by 15%. Deal with it, losers. We have cheerleaders in bikinis to look at and from what we can see from the first two days this should be an interesting calendar. Chain link fence outside a gun range is a nice touch. See what's doing with this up-to-the-minute compilation gallery. JUMP!