ESPN Intern Fails

Nov 30, 2012

Watch First Take On ESPN2 & Become A Confused Moron By The Day [Morning Twitpics]

I’m going with NO on this question. Just think of how long the producers have to get this garbage correct....

Nov 9, 2012

ESPN Intern Misspells Quarterback Four Times & We Have The Screencaps

These four spelling fails from ESPN last night during the Virginia Tech-Florida State game have to be the work of...

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Mar 9, 2012

ESPN Fired Another Intern: ACC Tournament Florida State Logo Fail

Someone please make it end. This tournament week just can't end fast enough for the ESPN Intern Department. We were asked on Twitter why we keep saying ESPN is firing interns over these f-ups. Well, because these errors couldn't possibly be made by competent employees. There are still plenty of games to go. Have your eyes open and when you send us ESPN fails, make sure to use the 'large' function on your iPhone: