Dec 21, 2012

ESPN Intern Welcomes Greg McElroy To NFL QB Fraternity Via Misspelling [Morning Twitpics]

Since we have the Christmas spirit, let’s not get crazy and fire the intern responsible for this f-up. Let’s just...

Nov 30, 2012

Watch First Take On ESPN2 & Become A Confused Moron By The Day [Morning Twitpics]

I’m going with NO on this question. Just think of how long the producers have to get this garbage correct....

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Sep 20, 2012

ESPN Intern Fails Reach New Level Of Shocking With Black Eli Manning

BC follower @misterfacetious sent us this dispatch: "I'm sure these will roll in. Mike Wallace aka Eli Manning. Eli, get out of the tanning bed!" This wouldn't be so bad, but Wallace is a very, very black man. If it wouldn've been a lighter black guy like Hines Ward, this fail wouldn't have been so epic. And how do you mistakenly get Eli's career bio in there and mix in a Steelers logo? Unfathomable. Send us 'ESPN Intern Fails':

Mar 12, 2012

ABC’s Good Morning America Fired An ESPN Intern This Morning

No f-ing excuses. None. Don't even try. An intern's ass is on the chopping block after this disaster on Good Morning America - this morning! How exactly do you go three days without adding an 'h' to Hannah Storm's name during this piece on Manning to the Broncos? We could understand if this was some Middle Eastern expert on Iran's nuclear energy program. In that case, who cares about a forgotten H? Don't even laugh, CBS. We have your stupid ass coming up later this morning.

Mar 9, 2012

ESPN Fired Another Intern: ACC Tournament Florida State Logo Fail

Someone please make it end. This tournament week just can't end fast enough for the ESPN Intern Department. We were asked on Twitter why we keep saying ESPN is firing interns over these f-ups. Well, because these errors couldn't possibly be made by competent employees. There are still plenty of games to go. Have your eyes open and when you send us ESPN fails, make sure to use the 'large' function on your iPhone:

Jan 17, 2012

ESPN Fired Another Loser Unpaid Intern Last Night [Morning Twitpic]

Received this one from at least 6-7 of you guys but Pete in Muskegon was quicker on the trigger. "Guaranteed winner in Vegas...tomorrow night," Pete wrote. Since it's not late February I'm not even sure if MSU is #9 or #19. Someone wake me in March. In other news this morning, the guy who invented inflatable shoes (sued the shit out of Reebok over Pump) and NFL's flak jacket, died over the weekend. Also, money pouring in on the Patriots. Let's get rolling!