Destiny Newton Pics

Nov 13, 2012

The 34 Best Photos Of Destiny Newton – Aaron Rodgers Fiancée?

Recently, BC has been grinding away at all Wisconsin sports legend engagement news. Yes, we broke the Ryan Braun-Larisa Fraser...

Dec 28, 2011

Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Destiny Newton Remains Mysterious [PHOTOS]

In Euro sports leagues Destiny Newton would be splashed across tabloids & the subject of great interest to sports fanatics. In the U.S., she's unknown. A Twitter search results in zero mentions. Meanwhile, this is the girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers, a quarterback who is putting together two of the greatest back-to-back NFL seasons in football history. How is it possible for a Super Bowl champion QB's girlfriend to remain so quiet? No idea, but that may soon change. JUMP!

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Aug 22, 2011

Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend Destiny Newton Still WAG-ing [Photos]

Former Bachelor 'contestant' Shawntel Newton uploaded a few photos to her Facebook fan page early this morning. Big deal, right? Um, if you are into gossipy NFL gossip then the photos were reminders that Aaron Rodgers is straight & likes boobs. You see, Shawntel's sister is Destiny. You might remember her via some bikini pics. Anyway, it seems Rodgers had the Newton sisters out to visit Lambeau last week. The message board soon lit up. JUMP!