david stern

Jun 28, 2013

24 Best NSFW Black Guys Analyzing David Stern’s Last NBA Draft

Last night, David Stern made his final appearance at the NBA Draft podium as the commish will be hanging up...

Oct 30, 2012

David Stern Nailed His Hurricane Katrina Speech Tonight In Miami [VIDEO]

I try to go out to dinner on NBA opening night and this retiring jerkoff starts his retirement tour with...

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Jun 29, 2012

24 Greatest NSFW David Stern Is A C****uker & Rigged The Draft Tweets

David Stern, last night, was booed unmercifully from the minute he walked onto the stage all the way through the first round. The Jersey/NYC bros treated Stern like a corrupt, third-world dictator. After about two hours of harassment, we thought Stern was done bathing in the hate, but we were oh-so-wrong. Twitter came through once again and all the idiots came out of the woodwork to let the world know how they feel about the evil commish!