College Volleyball Prostitute

Aug 10, 2011

Alleged Volleyball Prostitute Marisa Ruckel Partying For Her Freedom [Photos]

It's the story that keeps on giving. Seriously, if the emails would stop coming in, we'd move on to other stories of the day. But no, two new emails came in last night regarding Lindsey Wilson College's now ex-volleyballer Marisa Ruckel. You might remember her for last week's prostitution bust. She had been preparing for a volleyball season. Now she's just partying to stay out of jail. PARTY TONIGHT! Details! JUMP!

Aug 9, 2011

Marisa Ruckel – Alleged College Volleyball Prostitute – Invites BC To Party

Let's get right to the facts of this story. Last week Busted Coverage posted a story on a small college volleyballer - Marisa Ruckel - and how she was busted for her alleged part in a prostitution ring. Google search engines do their thing. BC's SEO is solid. We go to top for 'Marisa Ruckel' searches. Marisa Googles herself. 22 hours ago a video was made inviting BC to an alleged prostitution chick party. JUMP!

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Aug 5, 2011

College Volleyballer Marisa Ruckel Busted In Prostitution Ring [Photos]

Well, look what we have here. A college volleyballer at tiny Lindsey Wilson College was popped Wednesday in a prostitution raid on an Indiana 'spa' where a legitimate business was just a front for more than just a massage. But the big news here, thanks to the intrepid message boarders at Barstool, is that a chick named Marisa Ruckel was on the arrest list. That's Marisa in her bikini. She's 20 and is listed on the 2011 Lindsey Wilson volleyball roster. Details - JUMP!