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Sep 27, 2012

Girls Of The Pac-12: ASU Smokeshows Are Here To Play [PHOTOS]

How every guy in America doesn't at least apply to Arizona State is crazy. Having never been there, Tempe, Arizona has become something of a myth. We just picture beautiful girls walking around in short shorts and bikinis...oh, and Pac-12 football. Arizona itself doesn't disappoint with the ladies, but we have to give ASU the slight edge. The talent there is just unmatched and the Sun Devils might just have the sexiest superfans in all of college football. JUMP!

Sep 26, 2012

Girls Of The SEC: Wildcat Babes Shotgunning Beers In Lexington [PHOTOS]

How do Kentucky sorority girls deal with their school's crappy football team? By shotgunning beers in sundresses, that's how. After losing two out of three to start the season, including humiliating losses to instate rivals Louisville and Western Kentucky, things were looking grim heading into last weeks match-up against Florida. Good thing these girls got all sauced up because that 38-0 whooping handed down by the Gators was pretty ugly. JUMP!

Sep 25, 2012

Girls Of The Big Ten: Keystone Light Double Chug At Indiana [PHOTOS]

Who knew Indiana threw the premier tailgate party in all of the Big Ten? 188 arrests and one epic fingerbanging photo and Indiana football is right at the top of BC's radar. These girls look like they know how to party too. No better way to prepare yourself for a mediocre Big Ten/MAC game than by swigging Keystones with your bestie! Do these girls know what Ball State is? Do they remember that the Hoosiers lost? Do we care? No to all of the above. JUMP!

Girls Of The Pac-12: Arizona Sorority Sisters In Underwear! [PHOTOS]

Today's "Girls of the Pac-12" post is brought to you by the lovely sisters of AEPI at Arizona...or is it? Upon digging deeper AEPI is a fraternity at Arizona. These frat-rats love the guys at AEPI and some Arizona Wildcats football. Imagine going to tailgate week in and week out and being able to stare at this eye candy? We might legitimately lose focus on football at schools like Arizona, USC and ASU with babes like these on display. JUMP!

Sep 19, 2012

Girls Of The Big East: Transfer To South Florida…Now [PHOTOS]

Rethink your college choice yet? Why would you ever choose to go to school in the northeast or midwest when a school like South Florida is ready and waiting. These girls and more are on showcase week in and week out when the Bulls are in action. You think the T&A cares that USF is a below-average Big East program? Nope. They'll be showing up week in and week out in skimpy shirts and booty shorts. Long live the girls of the Big East. JUMP!

Sep 18, 2012

Poon Of The Big 12: Hook ‘Em Horns Sexy Self-Shot [PHOTOS]

The Big 12 is off to a solid start this season. New conference member West Virginia has been steamrolling opponents and quarterback Geno Smith has as many incomplete passes as he does touchdowns (9). Aside from WVU, teams like Texas, Oklahoma and TCU are all off to strong 2012 campaigns. Also off to a strong 2012 is the poon of the Big 12. The lady Longhorns are doing Texas proud. Also making a statement is a Sooners fan Hooters waitress! JUMP!

Sep 17, 2012

Sep 14, 2012

Poon Of The ACC: Sexy Seminoles Tailgating Before Savannah St. [PHOTOS]

If these girls aren't making you re-think your college choice then something might be wrong with you. Florida State is off and running and scored 124 points in the first two weeks of the season. Scary thing is, their talent off the field might be more impressive. The ACC has some of the finest poon in all of college football and most of the schools enjoy year round warm weather. Grade-A poon and warm weather? Sign us up! JUMP!

Sep 13, 2012

Poon Of The Big Ten: Bro, Seriously, Look At This Michigan State Ass! [PHOTOS]

We'll let Michigan State pooners have their fresh air poon pics day because it'll be snowing by October. Which Pike bro got laid out of this situation? It definitely wasn't Mr. Sweaty. Had to be YOLO on the right. 'Holly' was totally down with his plan to get a couple of brews and maybe chill out on his porch couch. *Slow clap* to Michigan State chicks for walking around East Lansing (notice the shoes) in their underwear. JUMP!

Sep 13, 2012

Victoria’s Secret Pink NFL Showdown: Packers vs. Bears [PHOTOS]

Thursday night football has to be one of the greatest things as an NFL fan, right? I mean it's football four days earlier than we usually get it! Tonight to Bears are taking on the Packers in a huge NFC North match-up. Knowing just how big tonight's game is, Victoria's Secret has dropped new photos of model and sexy super-fan Elsa Hosk donning NFL gear, including Bears and Packers. You won't want to miss these! JUMP!

Sep 12, 2012

Poon Of The SEC: Florida Girls Pledging Allegiance [PHOTOS]

We can't get enough of college football so it only makes sense that we can't get enough of the girls that come with it. Week in and week out, the poon at each school is on full display. Girls put on their mini jerseys, Victoria's Secret Pink sports gear and act like they care about college football. Kicking off our college football poon posts we give you babes Becky Gillispie and Heather Tice proudly rocking the orange and blue of the Florida Gators. JUMP!

Aug 21, 2012

No Fatties! Victoria’s Secret Football Clothes For Chicks 129 LBS & Under [13 PHOTOS]

Will you ever get sick of babes rocking football gear? No, neither will we. Victoria’s Secret models Elsa Hosk, Jessica Hart and Jourdan Dunn are repping their favorite NFL and college football gear in this new shoot. Don’t...