College Cheerleaders

Oct 29, 2012

Hot College Cheerleaders Who Support Romney: Texas Tech’s LaShey! [PHOTOS]

Maybe the biggest surprise of the college football season to this point has been the Texas Tech Red Raiders. I...

Sep 27, 2012

Ginger Cheerleaders Of College Football: Kansas Jayhawks’ Kristi [PHOTOS]

BC Cheerleader Editor Asher Rockingham refuses to stop on his journey to discover new cheerleaders from the most unlikely locations within college football. Sure, he could tell you about ANOTHER Oregon cheerleader. Sure, he could post more photos of some crazy Florida State cheerleader going nuts at a kegger. But, name another editor who'll dig into the Kansas cheerleading unit. You can't. Say hello to Kristi. JUMP!

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Sep 7, 2012

Iowa State Dance Team Hits Beach At, Like, The National Dance Team Championships!

BC Cheerleader Editor Asher Rockingham sent word this morning that he had compiled intel on the Iowa State dance team and a recent trip they made to some competition. He wondered if the intel was post-worthy. He was threatened to be fired for such a dumb question. (1.) When's the last time you saw Iowa State chicks in bikinis? (2.) Will you ever have another chance to see ISU chicks in bikinis? This post is very, very important. JUMP!

Jun 16, 2012

Superfans Of the College World Series: South Carolina’s Taylor Is A Cheerleader

Two-time defending College World Series champion South Carolina gets its 2012 CWS started tonight against #1 overall seed Florida in a 9 p.m. first pitch from Omaha on ESPN. Tournament darling Stony Brook got drilled, 9-1, by UCLA last night, but the real action gets going today. Big boy baseball. BC Cheerleader Editor, Asher, was ordered to go find a superfan from both S.C. & UF. He came back with cheerleader Taylor, a Gamecock, who enjoys a baseball game now & then. JUMP!

May 2, 2012

Know Your 2012 NCAA Football Cheerleaders: Louisiana Tech Regal Blues [PHOTOS]

What job does BC Cheerleader Stalker Editor, Asher, take very seriously? NCAA cheerleaders. The guy is a walking treasure chest of knowledge when it comes to college cheerleaders. Not just the big school cheerleaders. Not just the BCS. He prides himself on a variety of knowledge. That said, we unleashed him to introduce you guys to the football cheerleaders for the 2012 season. For some reason he jumped into this project with the Louisiana Tech cheerleading unit. JUMP!

Apr 20, 2012

Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Orlando Magic’s Jessica [28 PHOTOS]

The Orlando Magic are a complete mess heading into the playoffs so the logical move from us to ease the pain for fans is to dig into the lovely dance team and pick out a favorite. Asher went digging and came up with former Florida State cheerleader Jessica. She's part Italian/Irish/German, which seems to be the perfect combination to creating the hottest NBA dancers. JUMP!

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Apr 13, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Big 12: Oklahoma State Dancer Mia [PHOTOS]

Remember those Oklahoma State dancers/cheerleaders in bikinis on the ski slopes that tore apart the Internet a couple months ago? Yeah, well we hired the guy responsible for discovering those photos and Asher is back with more classics from OSU dancer Mia. Yes, she has some Asian blood in her. Yes, there are also beach bikini shots to peruse. Who knew the craziest cheerleaders outside of Eugene would be in Stillwater. Guns up! JUMP!

Cheerleaders Of The Final Four: O-H-I-O Dancer Is Conservative Caitlin [PHOTOS]

This is the last dispatch from the Cheerleaders of the Final Four series and it just happens that the Ohio State dancer seems to be conservative. But we figured after showing you the Louisville, KU & Kentucky chicks partying and raising hell at their respective campuses, BC would tone it down for OSU. The school is all business this weekend. It needs this national title bad. This is the final gasp before fans come to grips with a football bowl band. Conservative Caitlin - JUMP!

Mar 30, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Final Four: Kentucky Cheerleader Lindsey! [PHOTOS]

What do we know about Lindsey? She's about to have her cheerleader routine analyzed by 75,000 fans at the Final Four. And on TV. And on the Internet. Saturday's 6:09 p.m. EST tip is just the biggest game in Kentucky basketball history. Sure, it's not for a national championship, but most people feel that if Kentucky gets through this game, the title is theirs. Bragging rights and a title in Lexington would pretty much be the ultimate insult to Louisville. JUMP!

Mar 29, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Final Four: Louisville Ladybird Sammi [PHOTOS]

You just know Louisville fans, players, cheerleaders, media, etc. are playing with house money this weekend in New Orleans. Shouldn't be here. Outplayed by Florida. About to get drilled by the hated Kentucky Wildcats. Let's just say Thursday and Friday on Bourbon Street should be a drunk-fest for those UL faithful. Back on the big stage and bringing those hot cheerleaders/dancers to town. Business trip my ass. The Redbirds are going to put on a partying show. JUMP!

Mar 28, 2012

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Mar 23, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Sweet 16: Xavier’s Ashlee [PHOTOS]

Here's the thing when BC tries to find hot Xavier cheerleaders to get you guys excited for tonight's Sweet 16 game against Baylor - it's nearly impossible. Again, this is Xavier, a private school where chicks don't usually end up for cheerleading. Asher did his best and came up with Ashlee. She seems to be cool enough. Rockin' body, party attitude and hoping for some face time on CBS this evening. JUMP!

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Mar 7, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The SEC: South Carolina Firecracker Taryn, Part Two! [PHOTOS]

Yesterday we met the mini cheerleading dynamo that is South Carolina's Taryn. After a little more digging, BC Spirit Editor Asher is back with another round of this 5-footer with insane abs and even more bikini photos. Yes, we're trying to keep you SEC guys entertained. We know that boring SEC basketball tournament is of little interest. That said, here's one more shot of Taryn to enjoy this afternoon while listening to Finebaum. JUMP!

Mar 6, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The SEC: South Carolina’s Firecracker Taryn [PHOTOS]

Of course BC knows you SEC freaks - besides Kentucky fan - is at home twiddling your thumbs not sure what to do in March before the big spring game. That means we need to entertain the rest of you until football returns in April. So we've told BC Spirit Editor Asher to get his ass in gear and find us the hottest of the hottest SEC cheerleaders. He visited Columbia, South Carolina and discovered Taryn, a tiny 5-foot firecracker. JUMP!

Mar 5, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Sun Belt Conference: Louisiana-Lafayette’s Parris [PHOTOS]

We hired new BC Spirit Editor Asher away from his old gig at College Cheer Heaven because the guy is a genius when it comes to discovering untapped cheerleading talent at non-BCS schools. Take today, for example. The guy noses around the University of Louisiana-Lafayette until he finds this Parris chick. She's just cheering in obscurity and - BOOM - all of a sudden she's a star. Wait until you see her in a bikini - JUMP!

Feb 29, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Sun Belt Conference: Arkansas State’s Mallorye [PHOTOS]

BC Spirit Editor Asher sent word today that he was investigating a cheerleader he'd been hearing about at Arkansas State. Not that she'd done anything wrong. It was just that his sources were telling him that there were come wild chicks in the Sun Belt Conference. This is exactly why we hired Asher. He's not just reposting USC Song Girls pics. He's giving the mid-major cheerleaders a chance to shine on the Internet. JUMP!

Feb 24, 2012

The Final Mizzou Vs. Kansas Conference Cheerleader Border War [PHOTOS]

In case you didn't hear the news yesterday, we went out and hired Asher from College Cheerleader Heaven to be our new Spirit Editor. HIs job is simple: Keep you guys updated on the hot chicks in cheerleading. Knowing that this weekend will be the final Mizzou-Kansas conference basketball game, Asher thought he'd break down this war with one final Big 12 basketball cheerleader showdown.

Feb 23, 2012

Miami Of Ohio Dance Team Bikini Beach Acrobatics [PHOTOS]

Hell yes we're proud to announce that BC has hired the college cheerleader legend, Asher, from everyone's favorite underground site - College Cheerleader Heaven. This might not be a major announcement to the likes of SB Nation or Bleacher Report because they're busy throwing investor money at high-profile bloggers. Meanwhile, BC will just be here giving you guys what you want instead of 1500 word posts you'll never read. Up first: the Miami Redhawks Dance Team! JUMP!

Aug 11, 2011

Florida State Cheerleaders 2011 Scouting Report: Chelsea [12 Photos]

It's that time of year when Busted Coverage unleashes it's photo gathering & college research team on campuses from the Atlantic to the Pacific in search of college cheerleaders. Today we go straight up the USA Today Top 25 poll and peek in at Florida State where, for the first time in a long time, the ladies will be cheering for a high-profile program. Our first subject for '11 is Chelsea. Go crazy, Brent Musberger! JUMP!