College Cheerleader Bikini Photos

Oct 29, 2012

Hot College Cheerleaders Who Support Romney: Texas Tech’s LaShey! [PHOTOS]

Maybe the biggest surprise of the college football season to this point has been the Texas Tech Red Raiders. I don’t think anyone expected them to ranked in the Top 15 at this point in the season, and I know...

Sep 19, 2012

Cheerleaders Of College Football: Oklahoma Freshman Caitlin [PHOTOS]

Imagine growing up in Ada, Oklahoma and all you have to look forward to is becoming an OU Sooners cheerleader. Girls dream of making it out of the small city and saving up enough money to the mean streets of Norman, OK. BC Cheerleader Editor, Asher Rockingham, brings us the story of Caitlin, who is just a couple games into her freshman cheerleading season. Straight off the bus and already working towards a BCS birth. JUMP!

Sep 7, 2012

Iowa State Dance Team Hits Beach At, Like, The National Dance Team Championships!

BC Cheerleader Editor Asher Rockingham sent word this morning that he had compiled intel on the Iowa State dance team and a recent trip they made to some competition. He wondered if the intel was post-worthy. He was threatened to be fired for such a dumb question. (1.) When's the last time you saw Iowa State chicks in bikinis? (2.) Will you ever have another chance to see ISU chicks in bikinis? This post is very, very important. JUMP!

Hottest ACC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: Florida State’s Kelsey!

While & all the other college football sites out there are busily breaking down depth charts, Busted Coverage editors have told Cheerleader Editor Asher to start cranking out cheerleaders you need to know this football season. It's what we do. Want to know what Matt Barkley had for breakfast? There's a Rivals board for that. Want to know what cheerleaders Brent Musburger ogles on a Saturday night? BC has you covered. JUMP!

Aug 6, 2012

Division II Cheerleader Smokeshows: Natalie From California University Of PA [PHOTOS]

Um, you guys are in for a treat this afternoon. BC Cheerleading Expert, Asher, went out and discovered a Division II football cheerleader named Natalie from Cal University of Pennsylvania. Why she's not at Florida State or Oregon is beyond our comprehension. Seriously, look at the costumes. Look at the bikini photos. Look at her shape. You are looking at the Hottest DII Cheerleader of 2012. The competition is officially over. JUMP!

Jul 31, 2012

Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: Florida’s Tarin [PHOTOS]

BC Cheerleading Editor, Asher, yesterday was given the challenge to get a Florida Gators cheerleader into the Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever competition. I said something about Gators chicks being hot but not able to figure out how to take the cap off a Coke bottle. Next thing you know he's blasting a Gchat message at me about Tarin Moses. Cute as a button and she's not dumb. Her boyfriend? The UF starting QB. JUMP!

Jul 25, 2012

Jul 24, 2012

Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: Mississippi State’s Hayley [20 PHOTOS]

Now BC Cheerleading expert, Asher, is on a roll. Energized by yesterday's "Is this the hottest SEC cheerleader ever?" theme, the guy has shot right back with a Mississippi State contender. You want a cheerleader that's hot and can milk a cow? MSU has you covered. You want a cheerleader that's hot and can't figure out how to operate a twist off Coke bottle? Head over to the Florida Gators. JUMP!

Jul 23, 2012

Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: South Carolina’s Lauren [20 PHOTOS]

BC Cheerleading expert, Asher, came to us today asking if he could update readers on South Carolina cheerleader, Lauren. Look, this isn't Deadspin or The Big Lead. We'll run cheerleader photos for no reason. Pageviews pay the bills and SEC dorks will keep clicking on a Gamecocks cheerleader, so it's game on. The big question we had about Lauren was if that rack was a 21st birthday gift. Kinda looks that way. JUMP!

Jun 16, 2012

Superfans Of the College World Series: South Carolina’s Taylor Is A Cheerleader

Two-time defending College World Series champion South Carolina gets its 2012 CWS started tonight against #1 overall seed Florida in a 9 p.m. first pitch from Omaha on ESPN. Tournament darling Stony Brook got drilled, 9-1, by UCLA last night, but the real action gets going today. Big boy baseball. BC Cheerleader Editor, Asher, was ordered to go find a superfan from both S.C. & UF. He came back with cheerleader Taylor, a Gamecock, who enjoys a baseball game now & then. JUMP!

Apr 13, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Big 12: Oklahoma State Dancer Mia [PHOTOS]

Remember those Oklahoma State dancers/cheerleaders in bikinis on the ski slopes that tore apart the Internet a couple months ago? Yeah, well we hired the guy responsible for discovering those photos and Asher is back with more classics from OSU dancer Mia. Yes, she has some Asian blood in her. Yes, there are also beach bikini shots to peruse. Who knew the craziest cheerleaders outside of Eugene would be in Stillwater. Guns up! JUMP!

Mar 29, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Final Four: Kentucky Cheerleader Lindsey! [PHOTOS]

What do we know about Lindsey? She's about to have her cheerleader routine analyzed by 75,000 fans at the Final Four. And on TV. And on the Internet. Saturday's 6:09 p.m. EST tip is just the biggest game in Kentucky basketball history. Sure, it's not for a national championship, but most people feel that if Kentucky gets through this game, the title is theirs. Bragging rights and a title in Lexington would pretty much be the ultimate insult to Louisville. JUMP!

Mar 28, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Final Four: Louisville Ladybird Sammi [PHOTOS]

You just know Louisville fans, players, cheerleaders, media, etc. are playing with house money this weekend in New Orleans. Shouldn't be here. Outplayed by Florida. About to get drilled by the hated Kentucky Wildcats. Let's just say Thursday and Friday on Bourbon Street should be a drunk-fest for those UL faithful. Back on the big stage and bringing those hot cheerleaders/dancers to town. Business trip my ass. The Redbirds are going to put on a partying show. JUMP!