Chad Kelly

Oct 15, 2016

Chad Kelly Slid Into Mia Khalifa's DM's Again, Got Put On Blast Again

Come on, Chad. You didn’t learn the first time? About a month and a half ago, our boy Swag Kelly slid into one of the most famous porn stars/college football fans’ DM’s and got put on blast for the entire...

Oct 8, 2016

Chad Kelly Got In The Middle Of A Brawl At His Brother's High School Football Game

Nobody loves getting into controversy that can very easily be avoided more than Swag Kelly. The guy is like a magnet to fights and social media drama. When he’s on the field, he’s a star who slings the rock around...

Sep 6, 2016

Chad Kelly Slides Into Mia Khalifa DMs, Gets Crushed

Should've seen that one coming, Swag.