Cam Newton Halloween

Oct 25, 2012

46 Best Photos Of Sports Stars In Halloween Costumes

What gets us excited about Halloween this year? Tim Tebow going as Jerry Sandusky. It would be an instant hit...

Oct 28, 2011

34 Greatest Famous Sports Celebrity Halloween Costumes

We're continuing our continuing 2011 Halloween costume coverage today with a look at how famous athletes, coaches and personalities have treated this American holiday. What have we learned? Jeff Gordon and Joe Flacco are, like, crazy involved with Halloween. So, too, are NBAers. Baseball players are nowhere to be found and NFLers, sans the rare charity party, are too busy reading playbooks. Ever see Gordon's 'One-Night Stand?' You should. JUMP!

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Oct 10, 2011

Cam Newton Fan Terrifying Little Girl During Saints-Panthers Game [PHOTO]

Kevin Ridley, a photojournalist for WCNC in Charlotte, N.C., took this shot during yesterday's Saints-Panthers game. Upon first glance we were drawn in by the Halloween costume, but quickly realized this was a 'situation.' It appears that dad has hijacked his daughter from a nice day at home where Lucy would be playing with dolls. Instead she's creeped out by daddy's fascination with a 1-4 rookie. It's ok, we're told police have investigated & it's not an abduction. (via @kjridley)