Brett Favre Oak Grove

Aug 25, 2012

Brett Favre’s High School Football Team Now 2-0, Wins 30-20

Well, it didn't take long for someone to attack Brett Favre's offensive play calling at the high school level. Oak Grove (Miss.) did improve to 2-0 last night with a 30-20 win over Purvis, but not before a scare. It took a 17-point effort in the fourth quarter for the Gunslinger to hold off OG's rivals and stay perfect in high offensive coordinator career. But the detractors are already surfacing. JUMP!

Jul 26, 2012

Here’s Offensive Coordinator Brett Favre Running Practice At Oak Grove High School

When Brett Favre's agent, Bus Cook, told the Associated Press last week that Favre will work at Oak Grove High School this fall "to help out in some capacity," the question became, "How much time would Favre be giving to the high schoolers?" If yesterday in Hattiesburg was any indication, Favre will be running the offensive show for Oak Grove. JUMP!

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Sep 21, 2011

Brett Favre With A Fat Dip In Coaching High School Football [PHOTO]

We're two weeks into the NFL season and you're having Brett Favre withdrawal. What's he up to these days? Just lippin' at Oak Grove High School in MS. That school might ring a bell. It's in Hattiesburg where the Gunslinger used to hold his training camps before showing up to Vikings' training camps. Anyway, the kids are off to a 4-0 start with Favre lending a hand. That's good enough for a #198 national ranking, according to MaxPreps, & #4 in the state. JUMP!