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big east babes
Nov 7, 2012

Girls Of The Big East: Hottie Trifecta At Rutgers [PHOTOS]

These Rutgers photos come from last weekend before the Scarlet Knights dream season ended with a home loss to Kent...

Oct 10, 2012

Girls Of The Big East: Black Out Babes At Rutgers [PHOTOS]

Rutgers football kept up with their Blackout tradition this past weekend in their 19-3 win over UConn. More so than...

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Sep 18, 2012

Girls Of The Big East: Transfer To South Florida…Now [PHOTOS]

Rethink your college choice yet? Why would you ever choose to go to school in the northeast or midwest when a school like South Florida is ready and waiting. These girls and more are on showcase week in and week out when the Bulls are in action. You think the T&A cares that USF is a below-average Big East program? Nope. They'll be showing up week in and week out in skimpy shirts and booty shorts. Long live the girls of the Big East. JUMP!